Tea Selection

The DINZLER tea selection stands for the enjoyment of tea at the highest level. Only carefully selected raw materials that have a bio seal find their way into our tea blends. In doing so, we entirely renounce artificial flavours and count on the full flavours of the ingredients. Enjoy a good cup of tea with the DINZLER tea selection whenever you wish.

Types of Tea

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and with its variety of types and flavours, it is not only popular in winter.

Various legends from India and China tell of the discovery of tea. Hence the Chinese emperor Shen Nung is said to have accidentally discovered the pleasant taste of the tee tree leaves in 2737 B.C. when he was boiling water underneath. However, it is only proven that tea was described as “Tu” for the first time in a dictionary in 350 B.C. Over the centuries, tea made its way through Japan and India, arriving in Holland in the 17th century and, eventually reached England and Russia before it began its triumphal march all over Europe.


When selecting tea for DINZLER we place special importance on BIO certification. For that reason, our tea creations only comprise of accordingly certified ingredients.
As all substances of the tea are diffused into the water and because we want to guarantee you a tea indulgence free of pesticides and herbicides, we have decided on purely bio certified raw ingredients.
You’ll find out here what this means for you and your tea experience.