After oil, coffee is the second most traded product worldwide, and Germany’s favourite drink.

Since time immemorial there have been coffee plants- but people have only discovered recently how to elicit the aroma and full flavour of the coffee bean. Coffee as a drink started its triumphal march across Europe from Constantinople where the first coffee house was built in 1554. The Dutch and Portuguese eventually brought coffee to western Europe, where growing coffee in greenhouses wasn’t successful until 1706. Without a doubt, coffee is part of the sweet side of life.

As French diplomat Talleyrand once said:


“Coffee must be as hot as hell, black as the devil, pure as an angel and sweet as love.”

Coffee Assortment

Coffee Premium

The coffee beans for this exquisite blend come from the highlands of Africa, South America and India. This strong breakfast coffee delivers a unique homogenous taste experience. Ideal for coffee aficionados who like to drink a lot of coffee.

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Coffee Klassik

This highland coffee which is based on a delicately balanced blend of Colombian coffees is characterised by its fine and soft aroma, and its tart yet rich and well-rounded taste.

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Coffee Panama Don Benjie

In volcanic soil and under the best cultivation conditions the coffee plants grow to their full splendour under the scrutinising eye of farm owner Stefan Arwed Müller. After an optimal ripening time, the coffee cherries are laboriously plucked by hand. After this the green coffee is processed by the wet method and dried in the sun over several days. This characterises the unique taste of the coffee and ensures the distinctly aromatic result in the cup. The fruity notes remind one of a touch of dried fruit with a sweetness similar to brown sugar.  The sleek elegance and the full body make this coffee perfect company throughout the day. The coffee is directly obtained from the coffee farmer, without intermediary or any other detour, and bears our DINZLER “Fairly-Traded” seal. Best enjoyed when traditionally prepared- either manually or in a filter coffee machine. 


Coffee Kenia Ndurutu

This wonderful Arabica Coffee is grown and harvested with traditional cultivation methods by smallholders on their plantations which lie at an altitude of1800m in the highlands near Kiganjo, to the north of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. After preparation using the wet method, the beans are sundried and sorted by hand- this is the basis for their distinctive aroma. To let this coffeereveal its wonderful balance and pleasant fruitiness, it should be prepared using the classic pour over method or in a French press. We buy the green coffee directly from the Kenyan coffee farmers for a fair price.


Bio Coffee Super Max

The new and exclusive bio coffee blend combines the South American Arabica with the Indian Robusta to create an exquisite blend which reflects the coffee roasters’ many years of experience. The result of a long process of development is “Max”. It has a surprisingly mild flavour with the finest nuances of almond and caramel, and just the subtlest hint of tartness. It’s ideal for fully automatic machines

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Bio Coffee Mexico Chiapas Fairtrade Organico

Coffee pleasure of the highest level. Organically cultivated, fairly-traded and gently roasted. This delicious Arabica Coffee from Chiapas in Mexico wins you over through its unique and intense taste. Notes of chocolate and dark berries really come to the fore in this medium strong coffee when prepared with a fully automatic machine or as a filter coffee.    


Bio Coffee San Miguel

This biological highland coffee from Guatemala is wet processed in a fermentation tank and then dried. During the classic drum roasting, nuances of black chocolate and hints of vanilla are developed which make this coffee so special. Because of its soft and rounded aroma, it is very suitable as both a breakfast and afternoon coffee.



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Bistro Mischung

With its large proportion of Arabica and the precious crema, this composition makes for well-rounded coffee pleasure with a full-bodied taste. The special blend for fully automatic machines is suitable for preparing espresso as well as long coffee.

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Coffee Wiener Mischung

This fine, well-balanced blend of coffee beans from South and Central America is an excellent breakfast coffee. Its pronounced scent and its strong, fine aroma bring you into the atmosphere of a Viennese coffeehouse. It’s most suitable for preparation in a French Press.

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Coffee Panama Geisha

This new blend which combines a delicate sweetness with a fine touch of vanilla is particularly exquisite and subtle. The special Arabica bean Geisha gives aficionadas an indescribable diversity of aromas and caters for those who require coffee of the highest standard. The highland coffee from Panama really comes into its own as a pour over coffee.


Coffee Columbia Buenavista

This medium strong coffee from one of the most species-rich biosphere reserves worldwide is traded fairly and directly by us. Its complex aroma of blackcurrants and fresh nuts offers it something special. The fine tartness and the full body make the coffee pleasure perfect.


Coffee La Sera entkoffeiniert

These Arabica beans from Columbia are decaffeinated using the water decaffeination process. With less than 0.1% caffeine this mild coffee unfolds its harmonious and distinctive aroma. It’s especially suitable for coffee lovers who want or have to do without caffeine.  


Bio Caffee Peru

This organic, hand-picked Arabica coffee from selected growing regions in India and Latin

America ripens at altitudes of up to 1700m. This classic for daily coffee pleasure is appreciated by the whole world because of its pleasantly strong, well-balanced and highly aromatic flavour, which makes it very suitable as breakfast coffee.


Coffee Äthiopischer Mocca

This is a high-quality, washed Mocca is sourced from one of the main export countries for Arabica beans. With its low acidity, it stays extremely mild and yet wins you over with its strong flowery aroma. The low caffeine content makes it the ideal coffee after a strenuous working day.


Coffee Maragogype

In the world of coffee, Maragogype takes a prominent role. The distinctive beans are called elephant beans because of their enormous size. When roasted, they create a wonderfully soft, nutty coffee with a mild and fine acidity. This very precious and elegant bean, with its strong aroma, is most bewitching in combination with milk-as white coffee or Latte Macchiato.


Coffee Costa Rica

Grown at altitudes of over 1,500 m, this is one of the best types of coffee worldwide. The intense fragrance, the spirited aroma and the fully body promise first-class enjoyment. The pleasant tartness combines the different nuances of flavour to make it harmoniously complete.

A real premium coffee!  


Coffee Columbia

This single-origin coffee is grown in optimal climatic conditions on the mountain slopes of the Andes. The mild coffee is distinguished by its soft and especially balanced taste.


Coffee Guatemala

This first-class coffee from the highlands of Guatemala in Central America grows in ideal climatic conditions in fertile volcanic soil. Despite its delicate aroma, this full-bodied coffee is well seasoned and robust, with a structured, well-rounded taste. A delightful coffee indulgence.


Coffee Galapagos Bourbon

This exquisite type of Arabica grows in the unique ecosystem of the Pacific Islands. While coffee trees usually live between 30 and 40 years, despite prohibition of fertiliser use, the Galapagos Bourbon trees still produce excellent beans at the age of 120. The result is a first-class coffee with a full aroma, and a subtle sweet undertone for a pleasant mildness.


Coffee Mezzo

50% caffeine with 100% taste

This coffee is hand-picked and hand roasted- this certified 100% biological Arabica coffee is made exclusively from the highland coffee beans sourced from our Peruvian cooperative partner. After the decaffeinated and caffeinated beans are roasted separately, they are mixed together and create a harmonious, well-balanced coffee with full flavour and a low caffeine content.

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