Coffee Machines

With a suitable coffee machine and our know-how, the perfect coffee indulgence is possible.
This is the way to our coffee machine selection and all the advice you need!

Want to make coffee like the pros? Even at home there are no limits. We’re happy to advise you on our assortment of selected portafilter machines.

Advice and Service from the Pros

The DINZLER coffee roasting house not only offers high-quality coffee, but, within our catchment area of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, can also assist you as a premium partner with everything relating to coffee and espresso machines.

With decades of experience in gastronomy, we are your reliable and responsible partner, and advise you on all aspects of equipment and planning.

Clients about our service

“With our new coffee concept, we are happy to be able to offer our customers a reliably high standard of coffee- no matter who prepares the coffee, espresso or cappuccino, you’ll get the right results!”

Coffee Machines for Professional Use

We will create a customised coffee concept for you and provide the complete solution to meet your individual wishes. We at DINZLER have years of experience in collaborating with those working in the hotel industry, restaurants, and bakeries-and we’ll happily give you the advice you need.

When it comes to supplying coffee, we are your reliable and responsible partner, and can advise you on everything from planning to equipment. We provide the most suitable machines for each purpose from renowned manufacturers.

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Coffee Machines for privat use

We know how and with which machines you can prepare real coffee specialities in your own kitchen. You´ll need a professional device, but it doesn´t have to be big- there are also small machines which can make surprisingly good coffee. In our online shop you can find a wide range of machines. We´ll gladly advise you personally at our coffee machine exhibition at Irschenberg from Monday to Sunday 10am- 6pm in the “Otto” building.

Fully automatic coffee machines
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