DINZLER stands for the best quality coffee and fair farming. Carefully selected green coffee gently roasted in a long roasting process- here you’ll find all our types of espressos and coffees at a glance. Nothing pleases us more than helping you find the coffee that suits your individual tastes from our fine selection. 

Discover our exciting barista training in our DINZLER Coffee Academy!

Types of Coffee

After oil, coffee is the second most traded product worldwide, and Germany’s favourite drink.

Since time immemorial there have been coffee plants- but people have only discovered recently how to elicit the aroma and full flavour of the coffee bean. Coffee as a drink started its triumphal march across Europe from Constantinople where the first coffee house was built in 1554. The Dutch and Portuguese eventually brought coffee to western Europe, where growing coffee in greenhouses wasn’t successful until 1706. Without a doubt, coffee is part of the sweet side of life.

As French diplomat Talleyrand once said:

Coffee must be as hot as hell, black as the devil, pure as an angel and sweet as love.”

Types of Espresso

The typical espresso aroma is achieved through the dark roasting of the beans,the especially finely ground coffee, and the high water-pressure in its preparation.

The quality of a good espresso depends on these 5 factors:  as well as having the optimal blend, the correct amount of ground coffee and grinding degree of the beans, the coffee machine used as well as the person who prepares the coffee all play crucial roles. DINZLER takes care of providing the first four quality factors- not only do we offer you an infinite number of exquisite types of coffee, but also the most suitable machine for all requirements. You can optimise the fifth factor by attending one of our barista training courses. However, you’ll have to enjoy the espresso yourself…

Coffee Bags

While hiking, travelling or at the office- whenever the coffee machine is not available or on strike, the new coffee bag offers you a quick and easy way to enjoy your coffee on the road. Similar to the French press and pour over methods, let the coffee brew as you would a teabag- and win you over with its wonderful and finely balanced aroma.

What do you need? Just hot water and a cup!

Coffee service for companies & business customers

As business customers of DINZLER coffee roasters we supply you with top quality coffee to impress your visitors, colleagues and co-workers. We’ll support you from your choice of coffee bean, and selecting the right coffee machine, all the way through to the training of your co-workers.

The Story of Coffee

Coffee’s Europe-wide success story started back in 1554 with the opening of the first coffee house in Constantinople. By the 17th century at the latest, this aromatic drink had already conquered all of western Europe with its irresistible taste. Since then coffee has come to be considered Germany’s favourite drink: whether as a drink to wake you up in the morning, to relax you in the afternoon or to enjoy after a rich dinner, a fresh cup of coffee is a treat at any time of the day.

The Preparation of the Coffee

Aside from the manual skill involved in the preparation of coffee, what really makes a difference is the choice of preparation method. Not every method of preparation is suitable for every type of coffee. In order to achieve the optimal taste, you’ll find the most suitable preparation method in the product description. 

DINZLER direct trade

For many years DINZELR has been sourcing its coffee directly and fairly from the country of origin which means the farmers earn considerably more from their coffee. While the majority of the coffee market is served by largescale plantations through intermediaries, DINZLER looks for direct contact with small plantations and aims at maintaining long-lasting collaborations with them. Alongside several certified coffees we also have some “non certified” coffees in our assortment which nonetheless meet biological standards and/or are direct traded by DINZLER.

Coffee Academy

We live coffee- we have acquired the knowledge that comes with years of experience with coffee and coffee machines. We would like to pass on this knowledge to coffee drinkers and aficionados, whether they are coffee lovers, hobby baristas- or those aspiring to be. Our professional baristas pass on their in-depth knowledge of coffee on our coffee courses offered at various levels and each with its own focus, as well as barista training that is certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Bean Boutique

Come on into our bean boutique in the main DINZLER building at Irschenberg. The wonderful aromas of roasting coffee will lead you to the bean boutique which is to be found right next to the open coffee roasting house. There you will find, in addition to a continually changing selection of little gifts and beautiful things, a wide range of fresh coffee. The right bean along with the correct grinding degree shouldn’t be left to chance- our coffee experts are happy to advise you!

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