Coffee created by people for people

For many years DINZELR has been sourcing its coffee directly and fairly from the country of origin by which means the farmers earn considerably more from their coffee. While the majority of the coffee market is served by largescale plantations through intermediaries, DINZLER looks for direct contact with small plantations and aims at maintaining long-lasting collaborations with them. Alongside several certified coffees we also have some “non certified” coffees in our assortment which nonetheless meet biological standards and/or are fairly traded by DINZLER.

Our “Direct Trade” Seal

In order to recognise the coffees which are nonetheless direct traded by DINZLER and/or meet the specific biological standards, DINZLER has developed its own “Direct Trade” seal.

The seal stands for the following values and promises:

The care of coffee shrubs is carried out by hand using traditional methods as machines are too expensive and mountainous regions do not allow for machine operation. The fertilisation is carried out with natural compost.

Coffee is innately insusceptible to pest attack and therefore usually does not need insecticide. Furthermore, smallholders cannot afford industrially produced insecticide.

The certification comes at a high price. Money which smallholders do not have to spare. Many of the farmers who live in the mountainous areas and plant and harvest coffee with their families are also illiterate.

Smallholders who produce high-quality coffee receive a considerably higher price from DINZLER than the minimum price determined by different organisations.

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